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AOV International India also manufactures solar cooling cap, mobile charger, home power system and solar garden lights. Our miscellaneous products array has great demand in the market. All the products manufactured by us are cost effective and as per the needs of customers. Our products are known throughout the world for their unique quality. All the products are exclusive and easy to use.

Solar Mobile Charger

  • Unique designs with battery back up
  • Can charge almost all types of phones with multi adapter set
  • Can be used as a battery charger for AAA batteries
  • Can also play mp3 players, musical instruments etc.

Solar Cooling Caps

  • Uniquely crafted caps, which have fans that work when exposed to sunlight
  • Ideal for Indian conditions
  • Also introducing caps with built in FM radios

Solar Home Power System

  • Provides lighting and power where there is no or scarce power supply
  • All the power systems are made as to suit the needs of individual people and can be tailor made as per their requirements and specifications
  • All systems are as per MNES specifications
  • Includes CFL lamps, DC fans, and other appliances as per requirements

Solar Garden Lights

  • Our garden lights are powered by solar cells, which provide upto 7-8 hours of light during night
  • It automatically switches on/off by infrared-motion sensor and can be placed anywhere
  • We can provide garden lights on customers design and specification

Solar Torches

  • Solar torches consist of solar panel and NiCad. Batteries attached to it
  • Lightweight and unique design makes it easy to use
  • Available in various shapes and sizes

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