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Human waste disposal in innocuous form is an ever growing problem leading to aesthetic nuisance, threat of organic pollution & several infectious diseases. Untreated waste is responsible for several diseases taking the life of millions of children annually. The technology has been extended to railways for on-board treatment of human waste. Hundreds of stainless steel made bio digesters are in operation in different trains.

Features Bio- Toilet Septic Tank
Composition Pre -Fab Toilet Normal toilet
Bio Digester Septic Tank
Space 1/3 of septic tank & soak pit 3 X bio toilet
Technology Bacterial Inoculums to decompose No technology
End Product Water & Bio Gas Sludge & Nitrates
Waste Emptying Not Required Quarterly
Maintenance No Maintenance for 50 Yrs Annually
Decomposition 90% 30%

Sailent Features

  • No bad smell in toilets from the tanks
  • Faecal matter in the tank not visible
  • No infestation of cockroaches &files
  • No clogging of digester
  • Reduction in pathogens by 99%
  • Reduction in organic matter by 9%
  • No maintenance required
  • No requirement of adding bacteria / enzyme
  • No need of removal of solid waste
  • Use of phenyl is permitted upto 84 ppm
  • Anaerobic microbial inoculums
  • Cold tolerant microbial consortium
  • Required one time inoculums charging
  • Suitable for plains and stationary platforms
  • Immobilization matrix for retaining higher microbial mass for survival in adverse conditions
  • Models:Plain Area Model, Railway Model, High Altitude Model, Glacier Model, Microbial Inoculum, Island Model

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