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TYPE Small Cold Box,
Long Range
WHO PIS Reference Number E-4/101-M
Vaccine Storgae Capacity 6.0 Litres
Weight - fully loaded 26.6 Kgs.
Weight - empty (with empty icepacks 14.21 Kgs.
External Surface Material LLDPE*
Internal Lining Material LLDPE*
Insulation Material CFC free Polyurethane
Insulation Thickness 100 mm
External Dimensions (L x W x H) 63 x 51 x 45 cms
Internal dimensions (L x W x H) 40 x 28 x 20.6 cms
Vaccine Storage Dimensions 33 x 21 x 10 cms
Lid type & Fixings Hinged
Number of Ice packs required 26
Number of Ice packs supplied 26
Ice-packs type E5/IP.2
Volume of Icepack 0.40 Litres
Conforming to WHO Specifications
Cold Life Requirement as per WHO at 43 deg C 1 deg C without opening

Min. 90 Hours
Actual Cold Life wothout opening 43 deg C 1 deg C as Tested by WHO approved Testing Lab, PSB, Singapore 134 Hours
Quantity in each carton (Nos.) 1
Gross Weight (approx.) 16 Kgs.
Size of carton (L x W x H) (approx.) 65 x 53 x 46 cms
Volume of each carton (approx.) 0.17 CBM
No. of Units/20' container 175
No. of Units/40' container 375
No. of Units/40' High cube container 445

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