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Vaccine storage capacity 2.46 Liters
Weightfully loaded 6.36 kg
Weight empty 2.98 kg
External dimensions 27x 27x 32 cm
Internal dimensions 122 x 122 x 19cm
Vaccine storage dimensions with frozen  
icepacks 11.38 x 11.38 x19cm
Lid type & fixing Removable
External materials High Density polyethylene
Internal lining materials High impact polystyrene
Insulation materials CFC Free polyurethane
Insulation thickness 32/35mm
Number of icepacks required 4
Number of ice packs supplied 4
Icepack type required E05/IP.I
Cold life witout openings 50 hours 12 minutes at 43c
Warm life 15 hours 57 minutes at 43c
Cool life 9 hours 47 minutes at 43c

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