Cold Chain Equipment


AOV International is ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer & Exporter of CFC-free Cold Chain Equipment – Cold Boxes,  Vaccine Carriers, Ice Packs approved by UNICEF, World Health Organization,  & C.E.

Cold Chain Equipment is the lifeline for heat-sensitive vaccines and is essential for transportation of these vaccines from the place of manufacturing to the place of field storage and final carriage to the place of immunization. Thus, CFC-free cold chain equipment ensures a pre-determined safe temperature range (-3 to + 10 C) for a particular period known as cold life of the product.

The cold life period varies according to the product classifications made by WHO i.e for large equipment like cold boxes the cold life is higer.

We offer products having Vaccine Storage Capacity from 0.86 Litres to 23.3 Litres. 


AOV products  have been made to face rigorous test procedures for maintenance of cold life and for overall strength of the equipment and its fittings, to withstand various rough field usage conditions according to the latest PQS guidelines of W.H.O.

The equipment has to undergo tests like drop test covering 26 drops (all sides, corners and faces) of the box to ensure compliance with rigid WHO standards and requirements. W.H.O. approval is accorded only after successful clearance of all tests by the test laboratories approved by W.H.O.

Our goods are also being regularly inspected by multinational inspection agencies like CROWN AGENTS, SGS, ITS, BUREU VERITAS, COTECNA according to buyers Countries requirements.


AOV has the requisite manufacturing and testing facilities thereby ensuring quality production as per the stringent requirements of W.H.O.  Our product capacities are very large.  We have factory stuffing facilities which ensures safe and full stuffing of your valued cargo in 20/40ft. containers for sea shipment  and   Prompt shipments by Air.


As per our customers demands, we  dispatch goods from our factory to dry or sea port, air port in consonance with our shipping department so as to catch the first available vessel /flights.  We have our own logistics department who continuously monitor movement of cargo to buyer’s respective destinations.

Our buyers are informed by sms, email, fax right from the date of receiving orders > progress of materials production > inspection dates >   dispatch from our works >  movement of cargo to dry port, sea & air ports till the goods reach the destination port.   Thus,   keeps the buyers happy and aware of his cargo movements.

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