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AOV INTERNATIONAL offers of  various types of pipes  such as  upvc pipes, plumbing pipes, casings, screens,  PPR pipes,  black and galvanized pipes, pipe fittings both in upvc and steel  as per the national and international Quality Standards like ASTM, DIN, BIS etc.   

These are manufactured in various mills that are fully automated to ensure premium quality and a high degree of dependability. AOV has earned a commendable reputation for reliability and quality due to its adherence to uncompromising standards of quality. Total Quality Control is built into the organizational structure. This achieves the complete integration of efforts directed at the development, maintenance and improvement of quality at various group levels. The objective is to that the final product fully meets customer needs at the most attractive prices. All pipes have to pass through a series of tests during the various stages of production. This gives the quickest and the most precise results. AOV has adopted the total quality management approach in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.  

AOV has the list of satisfied clientele are from all conceivable sectors of overseas industries and projects. AOV's versatile range and conformity to various international specifications have earned it a remarkable reputation in export market, which include USA, West Europe, Australia, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

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