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Manufactured as per the latest SKAT Specifications

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Minimum bore size

  ... 100 mm.

Internal dia. of Cylinder

  ... 50 mm

Stroke length

  ... 225±3 mm.

Average discharge per stroke

  ... 15 liters per minute of 40 strokes.

Operating depth (approx.)

  ... up to 45 meters


  • Variable handle settings suit changes in static water levels.
  • 225 mm stroke length of the handle provides a water discharge of 15 litres per minute per 40 strokes with an installation depth range between 15 m to 45 m below ground water.
  • Easy to install, can be accomplished by village women mechanics.
  • Cone Plate and rubber Cone for improved attachment of uPVC Riser pipe to pump body.
  • Alternative stainless steel lined cylinder is available for aggressive water conditions.
  • Quick release eye & hook ‘tool-less’ ends on connecting rods with rubber centralisers, are standard supply. These facilitate maintenance and protect the riser pipe against internal wear.
  • The VLOM (Village Level Operation and Maintenance) design has been developed for easy handling of maintenance problems without the need of special skills.
  • Non-corrosive underground components are capable of handling corrosive water and therefore will last longer.
  • Lightweight µPVC riser pipes; easy installation & inexpensive.
  • Adjustable handle to suit varying installation depths.
  • Three options for pedestal designs are available:
    • Square flanged.
    •  Three legged.
    • Skat -4, pedestaly with anchor assembly.
  • Cup Seal, U-Seal, bobbins and ‘O’ Rings are of Nitrile Rubber and Plunger Rod of Stainless Steel.
  • Each rod is provided with a Rubber Centralizer to avoid contact with µPVC Riser Pipe.
  • µPVC Cylinder 50 mm ID with Gun Metal Plunger Assembly / Inter changeable Plunger and Foot Valve
  • Each pipe is provided with a Rubber Centraliser to avoid contact with Casing Pipe.
  • The FGRP connecting rods (glass fibre reinforced plastic), which provide the same advantages of mils steel & stainless steel, yet are light weight and long lasting.

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